Morning Links: July 5

Cover of  A Princess in Theory , by Alyssa Cole

Cover of A Princess in Theory, by Alyssa Cole


Cheap Reads


  • At the Daily Hampshire Gazette: From dark to light: New exhibit highlights the art and journey of children’s book author Peter Sís. “Sís has lived in the United States since the early 1980s, after the Czech government sent him here to make an animated film about Czechoslovakia for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. But in spring 1984, he was ordered to return home when the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries announced a boycott of the games, in retaliation for a U.S.-led boycott of the 1980 Olympics in the Soviet Union following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in late 1979. … “He just decided he wasn’t going back,” Ellen Keiter, the Carle Museum curator, said during a recent tour of the exhibit.“


  • At the Herald & Tribune: Books on wheels: Bus keeps summer reading rolling. “The school system recently morphed a big yellow school bus into a rolling library complete with wooden book shelves filled with thousands of books waiting for eager hands to turn the pages.“ AHHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT.


Reading & Literacy

  • At the ABA: Ci7 Keynote: Elizabeth Acevedo on What Being Well-Read Really Means. “It is important to read outside of the things you are taught are worthy of being canonized, she told booksellers; what she learned during grad school was that to be well-read doesn’t mean trying to create parameters around what you read or write, to make assumptions about what you should write, or to create hierarchies around certain types of writing or genres, such as her beloved romance novels.“



  • At Vulture: Inside Sam Neill’s Life on the Farm: Horny Rams, Duck Sons, and Murderous Ferrets. “I just love being there, puttering around. I do work there occasionally. It’s not just playing with ducks. But I do have my diversions there. I love to name as many of my animals as possible after my friends. It doesn’t always end well. Meryl Streep was killed by a ferret recently. I found her as a pile of feathers one day.“ If you could only see my googly eyes, my goodness.