Morning Links: June 28

Knuffle Bunny statue; photo by Anna Quinn via Patch.

Knuffle Bunny statue; photo by Anna Quinn via Patch.


  • At Collider: Disney+ Movie ‘Flora & Ulysses’ Starts Production; Cast Revealed. I didn’t even know this one was in the works! I should probably finally sit down and read it—squirrel content!!—but I’ve been avoiding it because my track record with DiCamillo’s animal books involves a LOT of crying. (Even though Flora & Ulysses doesn’t LOOK remotely like a crying book, YOU NEVER CAN TELL.)

  • At IndieWire: ‘PEN15’: Being a Teenager Is Hard, But Playing a Teenager May Be Even Harder. ““We are going to places where you’ve emotionally shut down, that you’ve repressed for years — certain memories that you think you’ve gotten over or got closure on,” Erskine said, of what it took to get into that mindset. “That would be really surprising how that would hit you.”“ AHHHH THIS SHOW IS SUCH A TREASURE AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON TWOOOOO


  • At Elana K. Arnold’s website: Michael L. Printz: A Speech. “As children, we all operate from inside borders into which we have been born. Some of the walls that divide us, we see, but others can be invisible. The teen years are when, for many of us, those walls, once translucent, become undeniably visible. And then we make choices: Do we accept them? Do we reinforce them? Or do we work to tear them down?“ I love her.


Cheap Reads


  • At EW: Exclusive: Joe Hill is writing and overseeing a new line of DC horror comics. “Hill House’s initial offerings will consist of five limited series: Basketful of Heads, written by Hill and illustrated by Leomacs; The Dollhouse Family, written by Mike Carey and illustrated by Peter Gross; The Low, Low Woods, written by Carmen Maria Machado and illustrated by Dani; Daphne Byrne, written by Laura Marks and illustrated by Kelley Jones; and Plunge, written by Hill with an artist to be revealed at a later date. Each comic will also come with two-page installments of a back-up feature called Sea Dogs, written by Hill.“ AHHHHHH CARMEN MARIA MACHADO AHHHHH ALSO A DOLLHOUSE STORY AHHHHH!!


  • At Patch: Mo Willems' Knuffle Bunny Statue Joins Park Slope Library Garden. “The bunny statue — known from former Park Sloper Mo Willems' children's book "Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale" — is a real-life version of the stuffed animal that the book's main character Trixie loses in a neighborhood laundromat just a few blocks from the library. Trixie and her parents go on a journey in the popular tale throughout Park Slope to find Knuffle Bunny again.“

  • At CCBlogC: Book of the Week: My Papi Has a Motorcycle. “As Daisy rides with Papi on his motorcycle, she describes her neighborhood and city in a delightful, loving ode to present and past, family and community, joyfully evoking place and people and connections.“ Basically I would just like to get a subscription to the entire Kokila imprint—if they put it out, I want to read it.