Challenge update: Almost, Maine.

“Were vaguely defined “sexually-explicit overtones” a reason to ban plays from production in schools, many canonical dramatic works would be off-limits,” the letter argues, pointing out that Almost, Maine is the most widely-performed play in high schools across the country. “Would a school production of Romeo and Juliet be cancelled for its sexual innuendos? Would Oedipus Rex be banned because it deals with the taboo sexual theme of incest?”

  • At Kickstarter: Almost, Maiden-Save Maiden High School's Almost, Maine. "If Maiden High School administrators take issue with “They Fell” because it’s about two young men who are simply stating their feelings for one another, they are calling into question the validity of same-sex love by making it seem wrong and different and other. They are allowing a dangerous cycle of fear and self-hatred among LGBTQ youth to continue, and, consequently, they are tacitly promoting homophobia. This is simply not necessary. Nor is it helpful. We don’t need any more Tyler Clementis or Jamey Rodemeyers and Jamey Hubleys. We need kids to know that it’ll “get better.” Falling in love is tough enough when you’re young. Let’s remove the stigma of falling in love with someone of the same sex."