Challenge round-up: Drama edition.

  • In North Carolina, a student production of Almost, Maine has been cancelled due to “sexually-explicit overtones” and “multiple sexual innuendos”. As reports indicate that the complaints were specifically made about the fact that the play includes a same-sex couple, it's hard not to read the principal's statement as somewhat mealy-mouthed. 
  • A high school production of Spamalot was cancelled in Pennsylvania last month in similar circumstances (drama folks say they had permission, administrators claim otherwise; drama folks say it's because of the gay content, administrators claim otherwise), but in THAT case, the drama teacher got FIRED. (This follow-up article suggests that Burch was fired because of OTHER reasons, but A) you'd think that the administration would have the documentation to back that up, B) the administration had ALREADY been caught in a lie, so why would anyone believe them, and C) the timing makes things pretty, well, obvious.)
  • After clashes between the Istanbul State Theater and the Turkish Culture Ministry, the production of a play about Goethe has been canceled in Turkey. "Sections considered unworthy of the audience’s ears included some of the most passionate lines in the play, such as “I want to sleep with you” and “I will moan like a rabbit.”"