Dave Eggers...

...is on my Authors-I-Can't-Bear-To-Read-Because-Everything-I-Read-About-Them-Is-SO-FRICKING-ANNOYING list*.

Thus, I'll be giggling about this all day.

From Ed Rants:

It wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t written in the same bullshit cheery timbre that is the worst part of the entire McSweeney’s operation. If I were to pay a Lasik surgeon to correct my vision, the last thing I’d need is some giddy douchebag jumping up and down a few years later demanding additional money for services I have already paid him for, when my vision is perfectly fine. That the douchebag is throwing in a stupid card game and a Certificate of Lifelong Gratitude for the joy of conning me of my money is even more insulting.

*Hey, I've never claimed to be rational.  And that isn't to say that I've never found anything in McSweeney's entertaining.  I totally have.  Here and there.  But on the whole, it makes me want to kick something.  Just.  Not.  My.  Thing.