Oh my. It isn't often that we get to be the bad guys.

To people other than the folks at PABBIS, that is...

From deseretnews.com:

Sanderson recently received a six-figure advance from Scholastic, the "Harry Potter"-series publisher, for a children's fantasy series about a boy named Alcatraz who does battle with a cult of evil librarians.


After a mere 16 days of writing, that line turned into a 50,000-word novel — that's about 300 pages.

The series, Sanderson's first attempt at children's fiction, tells the story of a boy who discovers he's part of a secret group of freedom fighters who battle librarians, an evil cult that controls the world by restricting information. Each of the freedom fighters has an unusual but surprisingly powerful magical skill, such as the ability to arrive late to appointments.

Serious potential for awesome.  Also serious potential for really, really bad, but we'll wait and see, right?