Kidlitcon 2015!

So, a mere day after swearing to NEVER EVER LEAVE MY STATE AGAIN¹... I am all excited to go somewhere.


From Kidlitosphere Central:

The theme for the conference is Celebrating Young People’s Literature nd the celebrating will happen throughout the conference! We hope to examine what makes a good children’s book, hear from judges who have participated in various award programs, and celebrate any authors or illustrators present at the conference. We’re also planning a birthday party for our own Cybils Awards, which will be entering its 10th year. Cybils will be a tween! Although diversity is not explicitly the theme this year as it was last year, diversity will be at the forefront of the discussions throughout the conference. We’re also planning to make career development a focus in some of the sessions, including sessions on blogging as a pathway to professional writing.



¹I am not The World's Best Traveler.