Recent censorship news: International edition.

  • At the Guardian: Iranian translator of Blue Is the Warmest Colour 'declared persona non grata'. "Blue Is the Warmest Colour has no chance of being printed inside Iran, where all books are vetted before publication by the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance. Widespread censorship in the country has prompted many authors and translators such as Jodeyri to release their work online or go to foreign-based publishers." Annnnnd I just ILLed the English language edition. Man, home access to our ILL request thingie is DANGEROUS.
  • At Arabic Literature (in English): Books Seized by Egyptian Customs, This Time for ‘Instigating Revolt’. "Walls of Freedom is a collection that includes the work of 100 artists, 100 photographers, as well as twenty essays by artists, activists, researchers, and writers. The popular and acclaimed book — which was three years in the works — was successfully crowdfunded in 2013, raising nearly double its initial $25,000 goal."
  • At the Malaysian Insider: Cops seize Zunar’s cartoon books on Rosmah ahead of launch. "Zunar, whose previous works were banned, is under police investigation for sedition. ... "I will give a clear message to them, that I will never stop. I will continue to fight through cartoons, to overthrow a cartoon government," he said."