Yesterday, at Kirkus Reviews...

...I wrote about my recent reading difficulties, as well as Delia Ray's Finding Fortune:

I have a problem.

For this entire past weekend, the only books that were able to keep my interest with any consistency were adult romance novels. Specifically historical romance, and specifically Sarah MacLean’s historical romance. I’ve blown through four and a half of them in two days—starting with the first book in her upcoming series, The Rogue Not Taken, which made me laugh and get weepy and which I loved wholeheartedly even though I had a minor quibble with one of the plotlines—and I just realized that I’m about to run out entirely. So recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as I’m pretty new to the genre: I like historicals, I like strong character development, I like my heroines to have a backbone, I like my heroes to have an appreciation for my heroines’ backbones.

But that’s not actually my problem. My problem is that I’m supposed to be reading for the Cybils, but these darn romance novels keep calling my name: “Leilaaaaaa…just one more chapter. Leilaaaaa…Leilaaaa…just one more book.”