New project: The Backlist!

I've started a new project: The Backlist

For a long while, I toyed with the idea of giving this site an overhaul to make it fit the vision I have for The Backlist, but ultimately, it didn't make sense to go back and rework twelve years of posts and reviews.

Twelve years! A lot has changed since I started Bookshelves of Doom—for me personally, in terms of my own interests and the way I react to and analyze stories and texts, but also in terms of the blogging world and how we use social media.

In the book world, there's so much focus on the Newest, the Most Recent, the Upcoming, that I—as contrary as ever—am getting less interested in all that, and more and more interested in older books and stories. So at The Backlist, everything I cover is at least five years old. 

I'll be leaving Bookshelves of Doom up—I think the archives will be useful—but unless I do some sort of huge revamp, I'm not planning on updating here much.

Thank you for over a decade of reading and friendship—you all are truly My People—and I hope I'll see you over at The Backlist!

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