May 12: International Nurses' Day.

The road homeDue to a weekend that was exhausting in every way, I'm not in reading mode today.

So, as it's International Nurses' Day, here are a three books about nurses that I'd LIKE to read at some point:

The Road Home, by Ellen Emerson White

This is part of White's Echo Company series, and while it looks like 'Tis the Season also features Lieutenant Rebecca Phillips, The Road Home seems like it's more up my alley, as it's about her return back to the United States from Vietnam, and about the post-war healing process. I have to say, though, while I'm not usually drawn to war stories, I've been meaning to read the Echo Company books for ages: Ellen Emerson White is a treasure.

The Foreshadowing, by Marcus Sedgwick

A seventeen-year-old girl with precognitive powers—she sees the impending deaths of loved ones, but no one believes her, making her a WWI-era Cassandra—joins a volunteer nursing corps and heads off to France in an attempt to save the life of her one remaining brother. Love Sedgwick, so I'm a little bit horrified that I haven't gotten around to this one yet.

In the Shadow of the Lamp, by Susanne Dunlap

The Crimean War! Florence Nightingale! Romance! That's all I really need to know.