Contest results.

Okay, it was a tie between:

Hot guys take classics
And act in plays by Shakespeare--
Can Janet save Tom Lane?
(Tam Lin by Pamela Dean)


Bloody Jack Faber
Joins His Majesty's Navy
Too bad she's a girl
(Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyers)

So I flipped a coin, and the copy of Sovay goes to annie!  And, as there was only one entry on the Facebook page (What gives, guys?  Why don't more of you want this book that I didn't like??), it goes to Margaret for:

Strange Swedish creatures
Midnight sun and long winter
More human than us
(the Moomin books)

Congratulations, and thanks for reminding me about the books that have been languishing on my TBR pile!  Email me your mailing addresses, ladies!

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