Issues with the library?

Go straight to the newspaper!:

Cr Barbara Bullock said she was "disappointed" Mrs Gordon had gone to the Chronicle and was "disappointed we couldn't sort this matter out before it got to the point it did".

Cr Sue Westwood said Mrs Gordon was told the correct process was for her to contact the library.

"She chose not to do that. We were willing to listen so I'm not sure of her need to go public," Cr Westwood said.

Julie Gordon wants to move the teen section away from the children's section.  Not that big of a deal, I'd think -- in our library, the teen section is right next to the grown-up section, thus creating a flow from YA Land to Adult Land.  But rather than bringing her concerns to the library -- you know, the place where they'd actually have to make the change and move the books -- she went straight to the newspaper about it.

And (of course) that's not all.  She's also got a list of books she wants pulled from the library -- all comics, from what I understand.

Whee!  Why bother suggesting that they move the YA section?  Why not just demand that they take the whole thing out?