Jack Russell: Dog Detective #1 -- Dog Den Mystery -- Darrel & Sally Odgers

From Dog Den Mystery:Dog Den Mystery (Jack Russell, Dog Detective)

Round and round and round.  The paws are faster than sound.  Round and round, round and round, round and...

I was running my ninety-fifth lap of the boring backyard.  There was nothing else to do, except sleep in my basket and chase sparrows.

When Jack and his human landlord, Sarge, move to a new house, mysteries abound.  Who (and where) is the strange dog that Jack can smell in the yard?  Where did the old boot go?  And most importantly, WHO STOLE JACK'S SQUEAKER BONE?!

Jack's definitions:

Squeaker-bone.  Item for exercising teeth.  Not to be confused with a toy.

and Jack's Facts:

Small dogs must hackle when big dogs look over their fences.

If small dogs do not hackle, big dogs take advantage.

This is a fact.


Honestly, I'm at a loss here.  I really enjoyed it, but that might mostly be because I have a Jack Russell.  The authors are CLEARLY well-acquainted with the mystifying behavior of these Big-Dogs-in-Little-Dog-bodies.  Will go over well with 7-9-year-old animal-book-loving kids.