Superman Haiku Results.

Whew.  You guys were awesome last week.  I couldn't just pick one:

Fave Cape-Mentions -- Jeremy and Debra Hamel:

Such a dumb costume
Underwear on the outside?
Edna's right: NO CAPES!!

Like my cape, Lois?
You're all about the cool look.
I can see through you.

Fave Pro-Clarkers -- Hayden and E. Lockhart:

Caped crusader--eh.
I make all my passes at
guys who wear glasses.

Me, I will take the
sweet, stammering journalist
over the hero.

Fave Lois-Related Haiku -- Fuse#8:

Ignores kid at work
Hands him over to Luthor
Worst mother ever.

Fave Movie Viewing Experience -- Lauren:

Tried to go with friends;
Needed food; line took forever;
sat in front row alone.