Yet another challenge, this time with an exciting twist!

From The Sacramento Bee:

Along with a group of like-minded parents, Grimsman wants the San Juan Unified School District to create a parent review panel that would rate all assigned books for adult content and language. The results would be posted online for busy parents to examine, she said.


Grimsman said she hasn't read "Of Mice and Men," the book her son brought home, or the other books she's cited. But she's paged through them and done Internet research, she said. "The F word is the F word," she said.

The parent-teacher panel Grimsman is proposing would rate the frequency and intensity of violence, sexuality, profanity, and "family life content" -- including mentions of abortion, suicide, drugs and birth control -- in assigned books.

The panel also would ask teachers to explain why they are using the books and create a list of more acceptable alternatives, Grimsman said. The information would be posted online so parents could decide when to opt their children out.

Yep. There's no difference between Hustler's Letters page and John Steinbeck. None at all. After all, they both use the F-bomb.

Three words, lady. Homeschool. Homeschool. Homeschool.

[Later:] Okay. That wasn't enough for me. First of all, go crazy. Create a website that rates the books that are assigned in your school district. Rate the books according to whatever notions of morality strike your fancy—heck, you don't even have to read the books! Do whatever you want. Write whatever you want. Jump on the PABBIS bandwagon and list every single snippet of profanity out of context. Trust me, it'll make you look super-duper-ultra intelligent. I promise.

But there is absolutely no reason at all that the school system has to be involved in your own personal crusade.