Super Duper Quickie Interview with Michelle Embree.

Michelle Embree grew up in a working-class suburb of St. Louis, where she dropped out of high school in the 9th grade. She later obtained her GED and attended small, classically oriented McKendree College where she earned her BA in Sociology and Philosophy. She has published articles on philosophy, media and feminism, as well as the fiction zine "A Zillion Chronicles of Near Love." Michelle Embree lives in New Orleans with her beloved Chihuahua-Pomerian mix, Mr. Pickles. Manstealing for Fat Girls is her first novel.
I've decided that 'About the Author' pages are not nearly enough for me.  So...  I'd like to introduce the Bookshelves of Doom Super-Duper Quickie Interview Series.  Michelle was nice enough to answer a few questions for me:

Book currently reading:
I just finished  'Drugs are nice' by Lisa Crystal Carver and 'What Remains' by Carole Radziwill.  They are quite different in the ground they cover in terms of lives lived, and they were both excellent.  We really don't know what life is going to hand us until we are standing there holding it.
CDs currently in rotation:
All my stuff was thrashed by Katrina so I've been picking up $.25 cassettes at yard sales and pulling old crusty things from my moms basement.  Mostly metal I listened to in the eighties.  I am totally addicted to The Scorpions 'Love Drive', right now.  I'm having this epiphany about 'Appetite for Destruction',  it's all Scorpions songs with, like, way better pay-off!  That and Slayer. 
Last movie viewed:
Just saw 'The Ringer'.  I laughed alot.  I was drunk, but I think I would have laughed anyway.
Literary Crush:
This is tough.  I'm a serious slut with words.  But, I'm always in love with Ammi Emergency.  That never changes.
Pet Peeve(s):
I gave them up.  They were taking away from my enjoyment.
Current Obsessions(s):
Getting back to New Orleans!  I had a dream last night that I ran out of white clown make-up with only half my face done and I was running late for the air port so I could fly right into Mardi-Gras!  It was terribly stressful.  So, I have to get there soon and with plenty of clown make-up.  I don't want to go through that again!
Guilty Pleasure(s):
Oh, you name it!  Cigarettes, booze, candy, sleeping, TV, trashy grocery store magazines, making out in bath rooms at The John.  If you have any others, send them!  Guilty pleasure is the only kind!
Favorite word:
It's more of a phrase.  I like it when people say:  "I have half a mind to.... ". 
As in, "I have half a mind to start drinking right now."