But, of course, a new Potter book means that all of the lame-os are out in force, too.

From The Times Online:

The anticipation for the book has been met with anger in some communities. Pupils from The Holt Primary School in Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire, have been banned from dressing up as witches and wizards after a local campaign branded the books “evil”.

The Rev Richard Billinghurst, the Rector of Skellingthorpe, wrote to Paul Martin, the school’s headmaster, because he believed that Mr Martin was “seeking to lead our children into areas of evil”.

The complaint, on behalf of two parents, comes after the revelation that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, before he was made Pope, described Harry Potter as promoting “subtle seductions, which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul”.

No comment.  (Do I really need to make one?)