Did he really just say that to me?

A guy comes in to the library. 

Him:  Do you have The Da Vinci Code?

Me:  I think there's a copy in, let me check.

Him:  I bet that you don't.  I bet that you own 40 copies and they're all checked out.

Me:  (silently)  Boy, did you ever miss the DVC train, buddy.  That book is so over. 

Me: (aloud)  Mmmm.  Maybe.  Oh, there should be a copy in.  Let me check the shelf.

Him:  It should be under B, for Brown.

Me:  (silently fuming)  Oh.  My.  God.  I hate you.  Number one, how could I work in a library and not know that?  Number two, if I just looked it up in the fricking computer, shouldn't I know who the author is?  Number three, if you knew where it should be on the shelf, WHY DIDN'T YOU LOOK FOR IT YOURSELF, YOU LAZY BASTARD?!