Sanity & Tallulah, by Molly Brooks

Sanity & Tallulah , by Molly Brooks

Sanity & Tallulah, by Molly Brooks

Girls in space! Solving mysteries and growing three-headed cats!

Sanity & Tallulah is an adorable and funny and fast-paced graphic novel. The cast of characters is visually diverse; the girls have a solid, trusting friendship; the relationships between the girls and their families—and between the girls and each others’ families—are warm and loving and you even see actual parenting happen! (Which doesn’t always happen in kids’ adventure stories, since a lot of time adventures only seem to happen after you wish the adults away into the cornfield.)

Sanity’s intellectual curiosity and technological genius is encouraged AND, at times, guided; and the adults in the girls’ lives have enough respect for them to trust and believe them when the girls come up with answers to mysteries and solutions to problems.

There’s not much in the way of character development—Sanity is The Genius and Tallulah is The Enthusiasm, full stop—and the writing isn’t quite as strong as the artwork (the facial expressions and varying degrees of various mixes of emotion are especially great), but it’s a SPACE ROMP STARRING WINNING HEROINES AND A THREE-HEADED KITTEN.

I have no doubt that it’ll be constantly checked out the second I catalog it.