Update: Fred the Squirrel!

He is growing fast!

His tail is getting more and more MAJESTIC:

He loooooooooves banana.

He loooooooooves banana.

And he's getting more independent! 

Well, SORT OF.

Now, instead of eating on Josh's lap, he eats on Josh's head:


He is a monster!

My arms, chest, and neck are covered in scratches, because it turns out that when you let a squirrel use your body as a tree, THEY WILL ZOOM AND ZOOM AND ZOOM AND THEY DON'T CARE HOW MUCH BLOOD THEY DRAW. These adorable toes each end in a MIGHTY TALON OF DOOM:

Fred's Mighty Talons.

Fred's Mighty Talons.

He continues to be adorable!

He is getting frighteningly good at jumping!

He is also getting more and more into exploring!

Always with the sock drawer.

Always with the sock drawer.

The cats continue to be... pretty chill?

I mean. Apart from leaving Chipmunk Butts in front of his cage—which feels to me like the cat version of a horse head in your bed.

Note: This is not a Chipmunk Snuff Film, he eventually escaped (with an assist from me):