What I'm Reading: April 17

The Most Dangerous Duke in London , by Madeline Hunter

The Most Dangerous Duke in London, by Madeline Hunter

Oh, the things we learn about ourselves through reading. Yesterday, I discovered that lines like...

Their joining became a precious intimacy, one not to be rushed, the first ever after acknowledging their love.

...leave me not only somewhat cold, but also on the verge of rolling my eyes and yelling NEEDS MORE ACTUAL SEXYTIMES. AND WHEN I SAY 'SEXYTIMES' I MEAN 'BODY PARTS'.


The Most Dangerous Duke in London was fine. I read the whole thing, and was at the very least entertained the whole time, even though I had issues.

The Duke is exceedingly high-handed, for one. There's a pattern here where he acts like a tool and then Hunter kind of explains it away and then he acts like a tool again and then Hunter explains it away again and, at some point, you just have to admit that GUESS WHAT, HE'S JUST KIND OF A TOOL. Which, sure, can be explained by time period and culture, but Toolish Behavior still makes it somewhat difficult to root for Love To Conquer All.

Also, Clara's transformation from a formidable spinster and secret publisher into a blushing giggler is jarring and very much Not My Thing. Obviously we all contain multitudes, etc., etc., but Clara truly veers from being in her mid-20s to her mid-teens at points—in other words, it felt like her characterization was more based on situation than, like, er... character.

(An argument could be made that she's experiencing all of this for the first time which could account for the regression, BUT... eh. It doesn't read like that. There's a difference between euphoria and simpering, and she does some Serious Simpering.)

But... I might read the other books in the series anyway? Mostly because I'm curious to see how Hunter handles the other two couples? Will I have the same issues or was this just a bad fit?