Odds & Ends: April 17

The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America , by Jaime Hernandez

The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America, by Jaime Hernandez

  • At CBR: Universal Acquires Feature Rights for The Prince and the Dressmaker
  • At PW: Love and Rockets' Jaime Hernandez Creates Graphic Novel for Kids. "Children’s publisher Toon Books is marking its 10th anniversary with the release of The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America, a bilingual graphic novel for young readers by Jaime Hernandez, co-creator of the acclaimed Love and Rockets indie comics series."
  • At PW: Boom! Studios Plans First Original Lumberjanes Graphic Novel. "“First love is a fraught, tender thing, and we loved the idea of focusing on the fears and anxieties the come with starting a relationship in an existing friend group. The rest of it was coming up with the funnest, Lumberjane-iest possible means of expressing that conflict in a big way,” Sturges said."
  • At PW: W.W. Norton Brings on Boughton to Launch Children’s Imprint.
  • At Pajiba: 'Harry Potter' Anti-Abortion Sign Leads To One Hell Of a Tumblr Debate.
  • At Kickstarter: Myst 25th Anniversary Collection.
  • At Two Nerdy History Girls: How Many Handsewn Stitches in an 18thc Man's Shirt?
  • FREE READS: Two outstanding Bloomer books, The Nowhere Girls and Saints & Misfits, are currently available at Riveted Lit.
  • At Medium: Thinking About Jewish Children’s Literature in a Time of Antisemitism. "We are doing a profound disservice to children, both Jewish and not-Jewish, when we produce poorly edited and poorly researched books about real life events. And in the case of the Holocaust, a failure to properly impart the facts or to deliberate re-interpret them, lie, or omit reinforces anti-Semitic structures and worldviews and actively supports anti-semitism."
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