Morning links: December 22

Crossing my fingers for a snow day today—or an early close at least!

In the meantime, here's what I'm looking at this morning:

  • At Publishers Weekly, a profile of Celia C. Pérez, the author of The First Rule of Punk (which is awesomeeeeee): She describes the response to The First Rule of Punk as “cool and overwhelming,” and loves that the book is helping introduce children to zine and punk culture, as well as finding its way to older readers. “I’ve had adults read it and to say to me that it’s the first time they have seen themselves in a book,” Pérez says. “Which is a little sad, but I know that feeling, too.
  • At the NYT: Rome’s ‘Mangy’ Christmas Tree Is a Sorry Sight: ‘It Has Clearly Been Traumatized’. BEST HEADLINE IS BEST, OMG. I can't stop laughing, I am dying.
  • At Quill & Quire: The best best-books-of-the-year lists for 2017. There are so many best-of lists that I LOVE the idea of a BEST OF THE BEST OFs... but UNFORTUNATELY this particular BEST OF THE BEST OFs list is a "random sampling" of lists. THAT IS NOT WHAT YOUR TITLE MEANS, Q&Q. Good idea for next year, though.
  • Speaking of Best Of lists, the place to browse through them, as ever, is over at Largehearted Boy.
  • Two Twitter threads that are blowing up my WANT TO READ list:
  • Books I want, via Twitter:
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