By the catalog: Greenwillow Books, Winter & Summer 2016.

Books I've got my eye on:

The Girl from Everywhere, by Heidi Heilig: Debut novel about a girl who has grown up on a time-traveling pirate ship—and whose father is obsessed with finding a way back to the time before her mother died giving birth to her. Part of a duology, diverse book, #ownvoices title.

The Land of Forgotten Girls, by Erin Entrada Kelly: Middle grade about sisters from the Philippines who are abandoned by their father with their stepmother in Louisiana, leaving them hope-hope-hoping that the childhood stories that their mother told about her sister Jove are true, and that she'll come to sweep them away to a life of affection and adventure. Diverse book, #ownvoices. I've already read this one, and it's funny and sad and has a fantastic voice and I loved it so much that I immediately ILLed Blackbird Fly by the same author.

This Is Where the World Ends, by Amy Zhang: While this one looks like it might head straight over into heartbreak-gutpunch territory, I loved Zhang's writing in Falling into Place, so I SHALL GIVE IT A TRY.

A Drop of Night, by Stefan Bachmann: I'm always looking for new YA horror, and this one involves a long-hidden underground palace—it dates back to the French Revolution—full of booby-traps. Yes, PLEASE.

Ask Me How I Got Here, by Christine Heppermann: YES YES YES. After Poisoned Apples, I am all-in for anything Christine Heppermann.

Meet Me Here, by Bryan Bliss: An story set on the night of high school graduation, in which a boy grapples with deciding whether or not to enlist. Up-all-night-big-decision stories always make me think of American Graffiti and Dazed and Confused, and I am always here for that.

This Savage Song, by Victoria Schwab: IT'S BY VICTORIA SCHWAB GIVE IT HERE.

The Turtle of Oman, by Naomi Shihab Nye: Middle grade about a boy who is informed that his family is moving from Oman to Michigan, and who most decidedly does NOT want to go—he doesn't want to leave his friends, his school, his grandmother. His parents call her in, and she brings him on a series of adventures to both celebrate and say goodbye to home.

Any other Greenwillow titles I should be watching for?

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