Two comedy recommendations.

The Detectorists (streaming via Netflix):

British comedy written and directed by Mackenzie Crook—who we've both adored since he played Gareth on the BBC Office—it stars Crook and Toby Jones (Dobby and ONE MILLION OTHER ROLES, he's in EVERYTHINGGGGGG) as two guys who spend all of their free time metal detecting. It's SO funny and SO warm and occasionally SO painful. Rachel Stirling (Diana Riggs' daughter!) plays Crook's girlfriend, and she is especially fantastic—so smart and funny and REAL—I admit to yelling HE'D BETTER FIGURE HIS GARBAGE OUT SOON BECAUSE SHE'S NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH THIS FOREVER at the tv more than once. 

We got so invested that at the end of the season, we CHEERED because the ending itself was so excellent and because we loved it so much in general, but then were immediately sad that we didn't have more episodes to watch. I just watched the trailer before embedding it here and I want to watch the show all over again.

Schitt$ Creek (streaming via Amazon Prime):

Thanks to Kelly for this recommendation—if you follow one or both of us on Twitter, you may well have seen one of our MANY back-and-forths about it.

Canadian comedy created by Eugene Levy and his son, Dan Levy—who co-star with Catherine O'Hara (who, let's face it, should be crowned Queen of the World) and Annie Murphy—as a hideously rich family who lose everything and have to move to a town that Eugene Levy bought for his son as a joke.

Basically, it's Arrested Development, but warmer, starring characters who are actually decent(ish) human beings. Bonus points for casting father/son as father/son, because so many of their mannerisms and facial expressions are so similar and it just makes it even better; bonus points for Catherine O'Hara's wardrobe; and double bonus points for writing David as pansexual.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait for season two.


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