The Dark Days, by Alison Goodman; and Serpentine, by Cindy Pon

The Dark Days Club , by Alison Goodman

The Dark Days Club, by Alison Goodman

Serpentine , by Cindy Pon

Serpentine, by Cindy Pon

From my Kirkus column about The Dark Days Club, by Alison Goodman, and Serpentine, by Cindy Pon:

On the surface, The Dark Days Club and Serpentine—the first, a slow-build story about a young woman drawn into a secret society of British demon-hunters in the Regency era; the second, a fast-paced adventure set in a fantasy version of ancient China about a girl who discovers that she’s part-serpent—don’t appear to have a whole lot in common. But they do.

A LOT IN COMMON IN A GOOD WAY. I'm glad I read them back-to-back, it was such a pleasure to see the connections and see how two authors wrote stories that play with similar elements but turn out entirely differently.