By the catalog: Sourcebooks Fire, Spring 2016.

The Assassin Game, by Kirsty McKay

The Assassin Game, by Kirsty McKay

Wild Swans, by Jessica Spotswood

Wild Swans, by Jessica Spotswood

Watching for these:

My Kind of Crazy, by Robin Reul: Boy accidentally sets lawn on fire during a prom proposal, gets blackmailed by local pyromaniac, romance ensues. I feel that this has the potential to be either really fun or really problematic. WE SHALL SEE.

Wild Swans, by Jessica Spotswood: Girl comes from a family in which all of the women do amazing things... and die young. So she's grown up with that hanging over her head. But then her long-lost mother shows up again with two daughters in tow, and she finds out it's all a lie. 

Anything You Want, by Geoff Herbach: Herbach is a joy to read for voice alone, but this one is about an unplanned pregnancy, which I feel like we haven't seen a lot of lately, so. 

Dear Nobody : The True Diary of Mary Rose, edited by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil: On the one hand, due to Go Ask Alice, I always give YA "true diaries" a big ole side eye—and it sounds like this one covers a lot of the same territory. On the other, it is edited by the authors of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk. So... maybe?

Twisted, by Hannah Jayne: Daughter of a possible serial killer tries to escape her past; it doesn't work. The killer—maybe her father, maybe not—comes to town, and the police want to use her as bait. (I always find that storyline hard to buy, but hard to resist?)

The Assassin Game, by Kirsty McKay: Secret society at a prep school plays Assassin... FOR REALSIES.

Don't Get Caught, by Kurt Dinan: ANOTHER secret society, this one centered around pranks and con games. I'm in.

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