A few brief thoughts on Gena/Finn.

gena/finn by hannah moskowitz and kat helgeson

gena/finn by hannah moskowitz and kat helgeson

This will not be impressively coherent.

As with If I Was Your Girl, I'm planning on writing on this one at length when we get closer to the pub date.

Gena/Finn is a love letter to fandom, but it's an honest love letter, one that acknowledges its warts as well as its beauty marks. It's about female friendship; the intensity of relationships formed through words and shared interests and experience; it's about the power of story; and it's about how the lines between friendship and romance and again, emotional intensity, aren't as clear-cut as we might want them to be.

It kicked me right in the feels, and I'm going to need to read it again before I can talk even remotely intelligently about it. 


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