Charts and Graphs and Data: Gender in SFF Awards.

If you are at all interested in data, in the SFF market, in looking at gender and the book industry, this post is for you. If you've been following the Puppies Saga, this post is for you. If you like pretty charts that (largely) make you want to lie facedown on the floor while guzzling martinis through a long straw, this post is for you.

I haven't worked my way down through all of it yet, but this is a good sample:

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From Ladybusiness:

If we compare general and YA (Figure 11), we get a disheartening picture: cis women are pushed to YA, and out of the more prestigious general category. This is not to say that YA literature is in any way inferior, but in terms of cultural prestige, adult literature is more highly regarded, and it is where cis women are less likely to be rewarded. In a positive sense, this means YA is a sort of safe haven for cis women in SFF, as well as cis female protagonists. However, no books about or by trans or nonbinary individuals won in the YA category.