Yesterday @KirkusReviews...

...I wrote about the books I'm planning to entertain myself with on the way to BEA:

Next week, I’ll throw some clothes in a bag and head down to New York for three days of author events, panel discussions, upcoming books, old friends, new friends, and inescapable, overwhelming crowds. This year, I decided against the bus (the money saved doesn’t make up for the endless trip) and I decided against flying (such a pain, with the shoes off and the shoes on and random hand swabbing and the screening process that seems to change every single time), and so this year, I’ll be taking the train.

OBVIOUSLY I have to pack themed reading material, right? Here’s what I’ve picked out so far.

Andddddd, UPDATE: I couldn't wait, and already read 1222. IT WAS AWESOME, and I'll be reading the rest of the series soon, soon, SOON.