Infographic: Reporting, Reviewing, And Responding To Harassment on Twitter.

Pulled from a report at Women, Action, & the Media:

A recent Pew research study found that fully 25 percent of young women online have been sexually harassed online and 26 percent have experienced stalking. Moreover, Pew found that women overall are disproportionately targeted by the most severe forms of online abuse including doxxing and violent threats.

This is why WAM! launched a pilot project to support Twitter users experiencing gendered harassment and abuse on the platform, including abuse that intersects with racial, LGBT, and other kinds of oppression.

WAM!’s Twitter Reporting Project grew out of WAM!’s participation in the Speech and Safety Coalition, a group of women’s advocacy organizations working with social media companies to ensure that women have equal access to both free speech and safety online. The data we gathered during the pilot project informed our report, Reporting, Reviewing, And Responding to Harassment on Twitter. Our research-based recommendations and solutions are designed to forward systemic change on Twitter and other platforms.

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