Today @KirkusReviews...

...I wrote about Martha Brockenbrough's The Game of Love and Death:

Flora and Henry’s story is absolutely lovely, full stop. Brockenbrough’s descriptions of their interactions, the slow journey from curiosity to appreciation to connection to love, the navigation around and through cultural stumbling blocks and expectations…Flora and Henry alone would provide more than enough heart and passion and thought for an entirely satisfying story.

Things I would have included in my column if I hadn't been in a SQUEEEEEE MY HEART IS BREAKING/ALL FULL OF JOY state when I wrote it: the fabulosity of the historical details; the differences in worldview of the mortals versus the immortals; the parallels between Flora and Death and Henry and Love; the portrayal of Death as self-loathing, furious, and hungry, but also lonely and compassionate; the conversation/debates between Love and Death, which are so funny and smart and have such spark; any of the endless number of examples of gorgeous phrasing and description.