Blowing minds, one day at a time. #librarylife

Reading Yvan Pommaux's Theseus and the Minotaur at the desk prompted the following conversation:

Patron: Huh. Is that one for kids?

Me: Yep! It's pretty great, I hope this imprint does more of these.

Patron: <semi-patronizingly> But if it's for kids, they have to leave out all of the good stuff, like the Minotaur's origin story.

Me: *shrieks* WRONG! VOILA! *flips pages madly* ANNNNNNND BOOM!:

theseus 2.jpg


Me: You should see the Theseus-kills-monsters montage.

Patron: I... kind of want to now.

BONUS: At the end of the book, in addition to an EXTENSIVE index, there's a great Tips for Parents section that includes the following bit: 

The very economy of comic books necessitates the use of a reader's imaginative powers. In comics, the images often imply rather than tell outright. Readers must learn to make connections between events to complete the narrative, helping them them build their ability to visualize and to make "mental maps."

Which is a super point to bring up when someone starts in with that whole READING COMICS ISN'T REAL READING shtick.