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...I wrote about Celeste Conway's Unlovely:

Unlovely plays on an old horror trope: the idea that evil is that much more scary when it inhabits a beautiful form. In this case, it’s tied to gender, too: It was sexist, he knew, but it seemed sort of odd and creepy for girls to do violent stuff like this. Especially such lovely girls, who looked so sweet and delicate with little, pink flowers in their hair. Despite introducing all of those meaty issues and elements—economic and social class, gender stereotypes, assumptions based on appearance, the evolution of friendship from childhood to adulthood, small town culture—Unlovely doesn’t explore any of them with particular depth.

AND I rounded up a bunch of March titles I'm looking forward to reading AND I wrote about a few titles for Women's History Month.

So, you know. I've been absent but not idle.