2015 Rainbow List.

The 2015 Rainbow List—an annual list of "quality books with significant and authentic GLBTQ content" created by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table of the American Library Association—was released earlier this month.

Titles on the list that I've written about:

I'll Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson:

Even better—which is saying something—is the depiction of the two of them as a unit. The sibling rivalry, the desire to throttle AND the need to protect, wanting to establish independence but also feeling the pain of emotional distance. Listed like that, those elements seem contradictory, but Nelson makes them not only work, but feel real and true and almost inevitable. Likewise, the twins’ relationship with their parents—again, as a unit and as individuals—is fabulously well-drawn.

Far From You, by Tess Sharpe:

I have six and a half pages of notes in front of me, but they can be condensed into four words: I LOVED THIS BOOK. It’s about friendship, loyalty, trust and love; about betraying the person you love most in the world in order to save her; about addiction and grief, guilt and shame; about fear, family, and about how no one knows how long they have in this life: sometimes, someday never happens.

I... what. How is it even possible that I've only written about two books on the list? *cracks knuckles* I'D BETTER GET TO WORK.

See the full list here.

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