Possible future venues for Kidlitcon?

Photo via San José Library Digital Collections, found at io9.

Photo via San José Library Digital Collections, found at io9.

Via io9: Haunted Winchester Mystery House to Allow Overnight Stays (and Booze)!

The Winchester Mystery House is the creepiest house in Silicon Valley, and was built by Winchester Gun heiress Sarah Winchester – widow of William Wirt Winchester, son of the first president of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company – over a period of almost forty years. A veritable hive of 160 rooms, the mega mansion is a 6-acre labyrinth of false doors and stairs that lead absolutely nowhere – ad-hoc additions reportedly made by Winchester to confuse the evil spirits of people shot and killed by the firearms of her dead husband's namesake.

Or via C|Net: 'The Shining' hotel wants you to design a hedge maze for it.

There is one thing the hotel is lacking: the hedge maze made famous in the 1980 film adaptation. Fans who want to come reenact (minus the ax and Nicholson-popsicle) the harrowing outdoor scenes are out of luck at the moment, but it won't be for long. The Stanley has put out a public call for hedge maze designs in the form of a contest.

Eh? Eh?

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