Yesterday @KirkusReviews...

...I wrote about Sarah Beth Durst's Chasing Power:

All of that is excellent, but the strongest element, hands down, is Kayla’s friendship with Selena. The two girls know each other, they trust each other implicitly—both in terms of judgment and allegiance—and, refreshingly, there’s none of that She’s My Best Friend But I Haven’t Told Her My Most Important Secrets nonsense.

And it just occurred to me that there was ONE LAST THING I meant to mention in regards to Chasing Power and Conjured

Chasing Power is an easier, faster read. It doesn't require as much—if any, really—work on the part of the reader, and that might open it up to a broader audience. So, even if Conjured WASN'T a good fit for you, don't immediately pass over Chasing Power: they provide VERY different reading experiences.