Last week @KirkusReviews...

...I put together a round-up of upcoming mysteries I'm looking forward to reading (ESPECIALLY THIS FIRST ONE, ZOMG!!):

Julep DuPree, from Mary Elizabeth Summer’s Trust Me, I’m Lying

She’s a 15-year-old grifter struggling to pay her private school tuition and the rent while searching for her missing father AND avoiding foster care by hiding his disappearance from the authorities. Also, she has the coolest character name since Veruca Salt, and the model on the cover bears a striking resemblance to Ruth Wilson. What more could I possibly ask for? How about a glowing review from Kirkus to seal the deal? GIVE IT. GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

And I also covered Fiona Wood's Wildlife:

Sib’s conflicting feelings about her relationship with Ben; her fracturing friendship with her bestie Holly; her closeness/distance with her other best friend, Michael; Lou’s slow re-entry into the world via her reluctant interest in the various dramas playing out in her cabin; the parallels to Othello—not too obvious, not at all strained, no didactic AHA! moment for the characters, they’re just there for the reader to pick up on or not—and the incorporation of various poems and music references: all excellent, all noteworthy.