Challenged in Fremont, CA: High school sex ed. textbook.

From CBS SF:

Jim Morris, the Fremont Unified School District superintendent, said teachers won’t be teaching about sex toys, but that overall the textbook is very good.

“Those anatomy pieces of health education are required to be taught. It’s part of students’ learning about their bodies,” he told KPIX.

Some students said with the Internet and social media at their fingertips, kids are growing up a lot faster, so it’s better to learn it early.

From Today:

Parents in Fremont, California, are petitioning to have a sex-ed book removed from schools this fall, arguing it is too racy for the ninth-graders it is meant to educate.

More than 1,500 parents have signed a petition online to have the book, "Your Health Today," removed from the classroom, stating that it includes references to vibrators and bondage and is "extremely inappropriate" for 13 and 14-year-olds.

The book was approved by the school board in June as an updated text to be used in health classes in the Fremont Unified School District, to replace a previous textbook which was 10 years old.