Challenged in TX: YA vampire stories, in general.

From Your Houston News

A Shepherd minister is leading a petition to have certain books removed from the shelves of the teen section at Austin Memorial Library.

The books include Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, and all other books aimed at a teen audience that perpetuate a theme of vampires in relationships with young teens.

Phillip Missick, pastor of King of Saints Tabernacle, is concerned that the books and others do not bend a child’s character in a positive way.

In the article, said pastor refers to a stuffie of Dobby the House Elf as "demonic", and isn't particularly impressed by the library's Sorting Hat, either. He's circulating a petition asking the library to shut down the "occult" room and "purge" the books from the shelves, but some of the people who originally signed it have since asked for their names to be removed:

Among those who signed the petition are Rev. James Holt and Rev. Earl Faust of Cornerstone Church of Cleveland, and Rev. Carl Williamson of Calvary Baptist Church. Williamson has since sent a letter to the city apologizing for not “exploring all the facts before signing.”

And the moral of this story is: ALWAYS READ PETITIONS BEFORE SIGNING THEM.