The Famous Five are headed to the big screen.

From the Guardian:

"My immediate reaction would be, it depends on what book they chose to adapt I suppose. It will be interesting to see what they do, particularly to see what period they set it in. If they are suddenly going to bring it up to date, as the Germans have done where they use computers to help them along the way, I would not be so pleased. They could make a heck of a muck of it if they try and bring it into the 21st century."

Summerfield added: "Hopefully on screen the Famous Five books aren't too quaint for the modern child. I honestly can't see a film company trying to do anything like this without trying to sex it up a bit. But any publicity for Enid Blyton is good publicity, keeping her in the public eye. I marvel at how she has this enduring appeal, despite all the competition that's around. Her books are basically timeless."

The Famous Five, "sexed up".

*dies laughing*

Actually, though, a Brady Bunch-reboot style (in which they're all Olde Fashioned-y, but living in the modern world) treatment could work.