New YA: July 13-19.

New hardbacks:

Trash Can Nights (Trash Can Days)by Teddy Steinkellner

Through the Woodsby Emily Carroll:

Josh: Are you going to calm down and let me read my own book at some point?

Me: When I've distracted myself away from being freaked out, yes.

Josh: So, you LIKE the book, yeah?

Me: Oh, yes. Love, even.

Tentyrian Legacyby Elise Walters

Illusiveby Emily Lloyd-Jones

Dirty Wingsby Sarah McCarry

Breathe, Annie, Breathe, by Miranda Kenneally

New paperbacks (that I've read):

Return to Meby Justina Chen:

A misunderstood mother who goes on just as big of a journey as her daughter. Until Mr. Muir's abandonment, Reb has looked at her mother as a bossy, joyless, khaki-wearing martinet. Once he's gone, Reb comes to realize just how generous and unselfish her mother is, and at the same time, her mother finds her way back to her own joy and her own self. It's a hugely empowering journey, and really awesome to see a parent character get that amount of attention and growth in a YA novel.

The Gospel According to Larry & Larry and the Meaning of Lifeby Janet Tashjian: New editions! Apparently I never wrote about these, so I'll have to revisit at some point.


July 6-12.

June 29-July 5.

June 22-28.