Judy Blume is working on a new book... FOR GROWN-UPS.

From the Guardian:

"It's pure Judy Blume, writing about family and about friendships, about love, about betrayal," said Baron. "It's quintessential Judy."

When I met Blume a couple of weeks back, she told me a bit more – that that the book was about the lives of teenagers in the 1950s, revisiting them as 50-year-olds years later.

"It's based on a series of tragedies in the town I lived in when I was growing up, and the terrible time it was for the adults and the children, although the adults never talked to the children about it," said Blume. "No one I know had an adult talk to them about it, so we invented scenarios of what this all meant. At the same time life goes on, you go to school, you meet a boy, you fall in love, all the time that this is happening."

Sounds a little like Mister Death's Blue-Eyed Girls, no?