The 2014 New Zealand Post Margaret Mahy Book of the Year... The Boring Book, written and illustrated by Vasanti Unka.


The Boring Book exhibits the highest quality of design and its presentation is thoroughly original. The story takes delightful unexpected turns that charm afresh with each reading. Small children and older readers alike will be delighted by its subversive touches, and they’ll be entertained by its warmth and fun,” says Barbara Else, the Awards’ Convenor of Judges.

“We think The Boring Book will help cultivate a love of words and books. It combines beautiful production and perfect design, which seamlessly integrates the words and text. It’s refreshing on so many levels.” 

The Boring Book also won the Picture Book category.

The Young Adult Prize went to Mortal Fire, by Elizabeth Knox:

 “Mortal Fire is an incredibly well-written and engaging book. The story is like a jigsaw that slowly slots together and leaves the reader satisfied but haunted by the events and the characters. It is a book that operates on a supernatural, fantastical level, while still containing the core young adult material about finding out who you are,” says Barbara Else.

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