Recently @KirkusReviews!

I clearly spoke too soon in my last post, in that I clearly did not have my head above water in any way, shape, or form.

BUT. Now, Round One of (and my participation in) this year's Cybils Awards is complete, and the finalists have been chosen. They won't be announced until January 1, mind, and my LIPS ARE ZIPPED, but the YA list is done, and it is a good one. I'm excited to see the others!

To decompress, yesterday I finished this COMPLETE MONSTER of a puzzle while streaming approximately one million hours of Supernatural.

hold tight don't let go.jpg

Anyway, Kirkus! Over the last few weeks, I have covered Laura Rose Wagner's Hold Tight, Don't Let Go, Sarah Zettel's Dangerous Deceptions, Victoria Laurie's When, Kat Beyer's The Halcyon Bird (and a few other stories about demon hunters), and finally, yesterday I posted my list of 2014 Superlatives.

WHEW. I thought the holiday season was supposed to be RELAXING.