Books received while I was on hiatus.

This may not be all of them, as my book organization went flying out the window during the last few weeks of my Cybils reading, but I think this is most of them.

River of No Return, by David Riley Bertsch 

Adult mystery about a Wyoming fishing guide. Apparently, it's recommended to C.J. Box fans, but the fishing guide angle suggests that it might be a good match for Paul Doiron fans, too?

Whiskers of the Lion, by P. L. Gaus

Amish-Country mystery, starred review from Kirkus. As the only Amish mystery I'm really familiar with is Witness, I'm not really sure how/why this ended up on my doorstep, but okay. 

Little White Lies, by Katie Dale

Secrets and lies and possible true love.

Righteous Fury, by Markus Heitz 

Adult high fantasy translated from German. Josh is way bigger on the genre than me, so I might try it on him and see what happens.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Maas

I listed Heir of Fire on my 2014 Favorites list as Most Improved because it was so much stronger than the first two in the series. There were SOOOO many gamechangers that I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to this one.

There Will Be Lies, by Nick Lake

Mother-daughter road trip story that is being promoted for its SHOCKING TWIST. So I'm guessing that the narrator is probably dead or something. (BUT DON'T TELL ME.)

We Can Work it Out, by Elizabeth Eulberg

Sequel to The Lonely Hearts Club.

Salt & Stone, by Victoria Scott

Sequel to Fire & Flood, which is about a girl who enters a contest/race/thingie to get medicine for her brother. Or, well, that's the impression I got from the promo copy. I'm curious enough that I ILLed the first one, but I haven't had a chance to, you know, actually read it yet.

Remnants: Season of Fire, by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Second in a series about a girl with "the power of empathy". I KNOW THIS IS UNFAIR BUT THAT JUST MAKES ME THINK OF DEANNA "I'M SENSING THAT YOU'RE ANGRY, CAPTAIN" TROI.

Wild Hearts, by Jessica Burkhart

Another one set in Wyoming! Daughter of a land developer falls for the son of the man leading the protests against the new development project. As this is a book in the If Only line, methinks it won't be a tragedy: I have no doubt that the kids might find a way to make their love work, save the wild mustangs, and bring their fathers together.

Monkey Wars, by Richard Kurti

IT'S FROM A MONKEY'S POINT OF VIEW. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm emotionally equipped to handle this one.


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