Friday morning links.

  • Rachel Bilson had her baby and named her Briar Rose. As Josh said, BOLD CHOICE. (Am I enjoying lots of new shows this fall? Yes. Am I dying for Hart of Dixie to come back? DOUBLE YES WITH BELLS ON.)
  • At The Mary Sue: I Smell a Gritty Reboot: “Modern Take” on Little Women Coming to ABC. "Still, though, I’m kind of stuck on the “modern reboot” aspect of ABC’s adaptation. I mean, how do you find the modern equivalent for something like Pilgrim’s Progress without seeming gimmicky? What, in 2014, is analogous to giving a suitor one’s glove? (If Meg gives Mr.Brooke some underwear, I will die.)" (Via @MarjorieIngall)
  • Challenge update: Ender's Game will stay in the middle school curriculum in Mesa County, Colorado. "The panel issued a statement saying the book was selected "because it would be challenging and would require careful in-class debate and discussion, which hones contextual and analytical skills of students."" Previously.
  • At Arts.Mic: A case is made to give His Dark Materials a TV reboot. The idea has merit.
  • At the NYT: E-Book Mingles Love and Product Placement. "Sweet’N Low appears several times in the 356-page story, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. In one scene, Mags, a Sweet’N Low devotee, shows off her nails, which she has painted to resemble the product’s pink packets. In another, she gets teased by a co-worker for putting Sweet’N Low in her coffee." We've seen this in print books in the past, it was only a matter of time before it started popping up in the digital world, too.
  • At GoodReads: The Anita Blake Drinking Game. "Somebody asks the conveniently open-ended question: ‘what do you mean?’ thereby prompting Anita to spout a long diatribe, explaining everything that’s happening and happened in the plot up to this point, including everyone’s private motivations – 1 drink" *dies* (Via Chrissy)
  • From the Hollywood Reporter: Focus to Develop YA Adaptation 'Scorpio Races'. "English screenwriter and playwright Jack Thorne is writing the screenplay based on the 2011 book, which was published by Scholastic. David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith’s KatzSmith Productions is producing, while Jay Ireland will executive produce." Stillllll haven't read it. (Horses.)
  • AWWWWWW OF THE DAY at io9: Mom Helps Her Daughter Explore Her Identity Through Cosplay Photos. "When this young girl was adopted by the Lewis family at the age of seven, she chose the name "Alice" as both a tribute to the Lewis Carroll character and as a way to control her own identity. Now, she gets to use costumes, styling, props, and the photography skills of her mom, Kelly."