Books received this week.

Atlantis in Peril (Atlantis Saga), by T. A. Barron

Have you been noticing more Atlantis-related storylines lately? Because this is the second one I've seen this month. And I'm okay with that. Because, despite my bad experience with Deep Blue, I like the IDEA of underwater stories. I just... didn't like THAT one.

Anyway, Atlantis in Peril. Second in a fantasy series set in what looks like—judging by the boat on the cover—ancient Greece. Friendship and love story; battle with a "spirit warlord"; short chapters and lots of action; on just one flip-through, I spotted references to a centaur, a unicorn, and a WIND LION... this is the first I've seen of this series, but it seems like it has Percy Jackson Readalike potential, which is always a good thing at my library.

Now That You're Here (Duplexity, Part I), by Amy K. Nichols

Sparks fly between an Ivy League hopeful and a "street-smart graffiti artist" when he gets jolted out of his world and into hers. Pro: Girl science geek, parallel universes, chaos theory, and it's one of a duology, which I always like. Con: The "street-smart graffiti artist" archetype is getting olllllllllllld.

Princess of Thorns, by Stacey Jay

Also getting old: Anything described as "BLANK meets Game of Thrones".

Super-powered Aurora (who is Sleeping Beauty's DAUGHTER) dresses up as a boy, teams up with a prince (who is handsome, but cursed, but at least they're on equal-ish footing in that department, since Aurora is cursed as well) in order to rescue her brother and reclaim her crown. Complications ensue.

Death of a Scholar (Matthew Bartholomew Chronicles), by Susanna Gregory

Medieval physician and amateur sleuth investigates a public-murder-by-arrow in Cambridge. The flap copy and Amazon description promise lots of drama of the townie vs. academia and musty academia vs. ostentatious wealth sort, which are both things I LOVE.

This is the TWENTIETH BOOK in a series that I am now semi-intrigued by. Which, hey: At least it's not the twenty-SEVENTH


November 15.

November 2.