AMA: Gwenda Bond.

Click on through to Reddit for the ongoing AMA with Gwenda Bond, author of Blackwood and The Woken Gods and Girl on a Wire and an upcoming Lois Lane book:

I've also done quite a bit of freelance work, much of it for Publishers Weekly writing about the publishing industry and various categories, interviewing lots of authors and editors. I also was Locus Magazine's YA reviewer for a couple of years, and have reviewed for other places as well (most recently Lev Grossman's latest for the LA Times), though I do less of that these days. And I have done some behind-the-scenes work like writing flap copy and proofing, as well as guest editing a special YA issue of Subterranean Online a few years back. I have an MFA from Vermont College's program in writing for children and young adults. On a personal note: I grew up in rural Kentucky reading everything I could get my hands on. I love recommending books.

And I have amassed a collection of random knowledge, so really, ask me about my books, writing, the industry, or anything you like. I'll do my best to answer. I know these things take some time to get rolling, so I'll check in here around noon, and then come back to answer most stuff between 5-8ish.

The lady is a veritable font of information: If you're a fan or an aspiring author or both or some other form of interested party, don't miss your chance to pick her brain!